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Hansel's Courtyard small group living service hosted a get together as part of Hansel's 50th anniversary celebrations. Residents, families and staff enjoyed a garden party with a difference! As well as the food and drink, music and dancing, friendship and chat which you might expect, there were guinea pigs and rabbits, tortoises and lizards and even snakes and spiders! Families travelled from far and wide and other services were welcomed to join in the fun. Despite the settled good weather, early rain had threatened the day and everyone was glad to shelter in the marquee until the sun broke out. A fantastic day was had by all with the most talked about aspect by far being the Mini Zoo. Not just the cute and cuddly but the awesome and scary - never before had Broadmeadows seen so many people with snakes around their necks! The general consensus was 'let's not wait for big anniversaries - let's do this again!' We would like to thanks all team members who contributed their time and energy, Central Marquees and the Animal Man's Mini Zoo who really made this a day to remember.