Partnership with Ayrshire Housing

Last updated: 2.37pm, Thursday 11th January 2018 by

We are delighted to announce the transfer of ownership of six properties into Ayrshire Housing Association’s portfolio. Seven tenants will now benefit from the experience and expertise of a major social landlord with greater capacity to service properties and attend to housing matters while we concentrate on the provision of personal care and lifestyle supports.

We acquired the properties between 2001 and 2004 to enable people living with a learning disability to experience, for first time, the independence and freedom of having their own home. We played a dual role of landlord and support provider for individuals to enjoy more independent lifestyles in communities where they choose to live. However, last year our Board decided that the tenants’ needs would now be better served by separating these roles.

Gerry Lindsay, Managing Director, said, “This is tremendous news for people we have supported over many years, to now enjoy greater security through Ayrshire Housing’s longer-term tenancy arrangements.

“Ayrshire Housing was identified as our preferred partner as we already supported people living within their homes, and so we knew of the very high standards they set as a local housing association. We have been most impressed by the professional and thoughtful support they have provided to tenants during a period of transition last year, and we have no doubt that they will only enhance the landlord experience going forward.”

Jim Whiston, Director of Ayrshire Housing, added, “I’m delighted that two of Ayrshire’s leading charities in their fields have come together to ensure the long-term welfare of the residents. We look forward to working with Hansel on future projects which combine housing and care. Special thanks go to East and South Ayrshire Councils, and the Scottish Government. Their grant assistance made the transfer possible.”