Lindy's Gets A Makeover!

Last updated: 12.57pm, Wednesday 26th September 2018 by

And The Winner Is.........!

Lindy's asked for your help and got it! Hansel were very fortunate to have been approached recently by the Royal Bank of Scotland, who have lots of willing volunteers and who wanted to help us transform the exterior of Lindy’s!

Thank you very much to everyone who voted for their favourite colour for the Lindy’s makeover! Many of our customers, team members, families and supporters got involved in choosing the winner which was Number 2!

The makeover started on Monday 24th September when a number of Royal Bank of Scotland and other volunteers arrived on site.

After a briefing in Lindy’s they started preparing the building – stripping off the flaking paint, jet washing and getting the wood sanded in preparation for the new colour.

There will be some noise and some mess but we will try and minimise any disruption to people going to and working in Lindy’s!

There will be volunteers working outside Lindy’s from Monday to Wednesday next and they will do as much as they can in that time, so everybody please cross your fingers for some fair weather!

There will then be a break for a week and the volunteers will return on the 10th and 11th of October when we hope to finish the transformation.

The volunteers have been made to feel very welcome and they are very much appreciated – they are allowing us to do a project which we couldn’t have afforded to do without their generosity of time and energy.

Alongside the 30+ RBS and other volunteers (you might recognise one or two faces who normally do different jobs but will be taking annual leave to don their working gear and wield a paintbrush!!) we have also received great support from Crown Paints and Tower Tools who are donating all the protective equipment for our volunteers whilst GAP are providing us with sanders and jet washers.

We are grateful for all this fantastic support from our communities and to everyone for getting involved, we trust everyone likes the finished result!