Hansel / Ayrshire Hospice exchange visits.

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Tracey and Marion were the first to take part in a series of exchange visits between Hansel and the Ayrshire Hospice. This exciting development brings two established local charities together to the benefit of both organisations and the people they support: partnership working at its best!

Since 2006, Crail House has forged links with the Ayrshire Hospice – initially to gain training in Palliative Care, but then in 2007 to become a member of the Link Nurse Initiative in Ayrshire run by the Ayrshire Hospice. Through working closely with Fiona Irvine (Education Facilitator) we have, over the past eight years, benefitted greatly from various training opportunities for all levels of staff. As a result we can now confidently support those residents who require end of life care - we can truly offer a 'Home for Good'.

The exchange visits are part of this ongoing partnership working. Hansel team members spend a day at the Ayrshire Hospice building on their knowledge of palliative care and their counterpart, in turn, spends a day in Crail House developing their understanding of the palliative care needs of people living with learning disabilities.

Partnership working at its best - everybody wins. The staff, like Tracey and Marion, get a fantastic development opportunity, the two organisations get better trained staff and, most importantly, people with learning disabilities get the best end of life care possible.