Hands Up For Hansel!

Last updated: 4.25pm, Monday 11th February 2013 by

Our thanks to guests and staff from the Cabin who braved the cold last Wednesday for a photo shoot at Irvine Beach Park.

It was a fair hike from the car park to the spot chosen by the creative team (Maurice Hynds of See Saw Creative and photographer Paul Walker) but everyone was game and the view was perfect. Great fun was had by all, though Maurice and our Managing Director, Gerry Lindsay, had their work cut out co-ordinating the models in the 'hands up' pose! Then it was down to the beach (and out of the wind a little) for the second take. Lindsay, one of the Cabin guests, decided she had done enough work for the day and a play in the sand was more in order - after all she was on holiday! Then it was back to the car park for some hot soup to thaw us out before heading back to Broadmeadows. The photos shown here are my 'point and click' record of the day. We are looking forward to seeing Paul's images (you can see some of his other work at http://www.paulwalkerimages.co.uk and http://www.pawspetphotography.co.uk). The photo shoot was for an upcoming awareness raising campaign. Watch this space (and the streets of Ayrshire) for the finished work!