Calling All Artists

Last updated: 10.41am, Friday 16th May 2014 by

We are inviting leading Scottish artists to take part in Hansel’s next Little Paintings Art Event.

We are looking for new artists to take part in the annual exhibition next March after demand for paintings outstripped the number of paintings at this year’s show in Lochgreen House Hotel in Troon.

We are very lucky to have a loyal group of artists who submit paintings every year but we are really keen to get some new names involved. Each of the paintings is only eight inches by eight inches and although artists do donate their work they get a lot of exposure in return and are supporting a really good cause at the same time. Several people have gone on to commission full size works from the artists after seeing their paintings on display at the event.

Artists that took part in this year’s show included Gerard M Burns, who includes actor Ewan McGregor and violinist Andre Rieu among his admirers, Joe McLaughlin, whose work has been bought by celebrities such as John Barrowman, James S Davis; Lin Patullo, whose paintings are featured in leading private collections like that of Prince Charles and figurative artist Ray Leaning.

The exhibition is scheduled to take place in March 2015 and artwork should be submitted by January 2015. Hansel supplies the board and includes an sae for the return of paintings and then frames the artwork so artists need only supply their work which can be in oil or pastels.

Artists interested in supporting the charity should contact Sheila McLean by emailing or telephoning 01563 831428.