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A77 Upgrade

Last updated: 5.16pm, Friday 17th May 2013 by

Regular travellers may have noticed work at Bogend Toll, beginning the upgrading of this section of the A77.

The upgrade will improve access to Broadmeadows making this safer and easier for motorists and pedestrians alike. As an added bonus the 'Hansel Village' sign with the elderly people crossing logo will go at last - perhaps helping us shake off the sheltered community image which many people still have of Hansel.

There will also be internal improvements to roads, pathways and signage within the Estate. A new road will take traffic between the pottery and Employment Services building, avoiding the archway. To get ready for this we had to get rid of the portacabins which had provided extra office space. Being a prudent lot we managed to relocate one of the portacabins to another part of the site where it will provide much needed storage.

All in all the changes will be very good for the people we work for, our staff and visitors to Broadmeadows but there will be some unavoidable inconvenience - mainly for staff - while it takes place. Parking will be at a premium but we will make sure there is sufficient parking and drop-off facilities for customers - it will be business as usual for all services and for the Laundry and Lindy's.