The Cabin and Caravans

Located within our Broadmeadows estate near Symington, the Cabin is a seven-bedroom home-from-home where guests can enjoy week long breaks tailored to the interests and support needs of individuals.  Also within the Broadmeadows estate is our woodland caravan park which provides an alternative short breaks experience.  For those who wish to travel a bit further away from home, we have accessible UK “get-away” short break experiences to choose from. 

We emphasise a true holiday-feel experience in all the short breaks that we offer and being able to choose from a huge range of fun, social and creative activities is central to us delivering the best experiences for our guests. Every guest agrees their short break plan and we try to encourage people to explore shared interests so friendship and fun is on the cards for everyone.

We respect the personal knowledge of families and primary carers when we prepare for a guest’s arrival. While our primary focus is always to ensure the needs and choices of each person we support are considered first and foremost, we ensure we build trust with family members and informal supporters by maintaining respectful, positive and reciprocal relationships.

We support over 1000 short breaks every year – here are some of testimonies from people who keep coming back! 

For more information please contact us on 01563 830340 or email our Short Breaks Management Team on