Overview of Hansel 3e & Partnerships

Hansel 3e operations (employment, education and enterprise)

People with additional support needs in Ayrshire should have equal access to learning, training and employment opportunities providing a network of support and friendship as well as increased choice and self-respect. Sadly even today access to such opportunities can be challenging.

In recognition of this we set up Hansel 3e (employment, education and enterprise), a social enterprise business which seeks to develop opportunities through a number of routes including employability and volunteering programmes, supported businesses, and education and enterprise programmes.

Our success has been, and continues to be, life-changing for many people. Each year we support more people to explore employment as a lifestyle choice.

Listening to people who are looking to access such support we strive to better understand their ambitions in order to map out their skills and create a plan, often working with partners towards helping achieve the dreams shared with us.  A number of individuals we work with have even gone on to set up their own enterprising businesses.

Government funded programmes

We also participate in Government funded programmes to develop people's employability skills and prepare them for work and are grateful to the many Ayrshire businesses which help provide work placement opportunities.

Our three supported businesses – Hansel Laundry, Lindy's Tearoom and our Grounds Maintenance services are prime examples of some of the paid employment roles and work experience opportunities we provide.

We would love to hear from Ayrshire businesses who might be able to support our work placement programme.

For an informal chat please contact Gerry Lindsay on 01563 830340 or gerry.lindsay@hansel.org.uk

Email Gerry

Hansel Laundry

Our fully operational commercial laundry provides a range of quality services for Ayrshire businesses and individuals.

Our van is instantly recognisable out and about in the community on its daily route providing a collection service for our host of regular customers.

Competitively priced, our expert service ensures we provide a quick turnaround and we can accommodate high volume items.

Team members, who include a number of supported employees, take part in regular training to ensure we offer the very best and compliant high standard service possible.

Hansel Laundry is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.  For any queries please give us a call on 01563 831440. But remember, your valued custom is enabling so much more than just a service - you're creating fantastic employment opportunities where people can fulfil their potential and make a valuable contribution to the local economy and wider society.

Facilities and Maintenance

From little acorns our grounds maintenance enterprise has bloomed into a flourishing venture providing customers at Broadmeadows with a spectacular display throughout our gardens.

Our extensive gardens, which include a woodland walkway, avenues of special interest and lots of seating areas to enjoy the scenery, are a key attraction of Broadmeadows and require a dedicated grounds maintenance team to maintain it.

Volunteers can be joined by people attending our Connect service to learn from our support staff about the many different aspects of horticulture throughout the seasons and then put their skills to the test to plant up bulbs, seeds, herbs and vegetables.

Our gardening teams have looked after the floral displays at Prestwick Town, Stewarton and Kilwinning railway stations and provide many businesses and homes throughout Ayrshire with stunning floral displays to add some welcome colour to their surroundings.

Lindy’s Tearoom

Lindy's, which was named after Lindy Murdoch, the daughter of Hansel's founders, is a vibrant social enterprise café located within our Broadmeadows estate.  In normal times Lindy’s provides an appetising menu and welcoming atmosphere, however as part of our efforts to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on the people we support, Lindy’s remains closed to the public.

To contact the Lindy’s team please call 01563 831437 or send an email using the link below.

Lindy’s team