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Time is a most valuable resource, and YOUR time can make an invaluable contribution to Hansel and benefit the individuals we work for.

Whether it’s a particular interest you have in Hansel’s activities, or a seed that has been sown when reading the government’s ideas on the Big Society, we would be delighted to hear from you if you have an interest in exploring ways in which you can make a difference through voluntarily offering some of your free time.

Benefits of Volunteering

As well as the personal satisfaction of seeing just how your involvement impacts positively on people’s lives, we would also hope that the opportunity to meet new people who are either working for or receiving support from Hansel would be a most positive experience for you. Also, volunteering should involve an element of fun, and we would expect this to be an important benefit for anyone giving their valuable time. You would receive relevant training and support to maximise the contribution you can make, and this may provide an aid to accessing future job opportunities if you see voluntary work as a way into social care. As many employers actively promote Corporate Social Responsibility, it may be that non care-related job prospects are also enhanced through voluntary working experience with Hansel. We have opportunities for volunteering within our care services, as well as within support functions including fundraising and administration. Please contact us for further information.

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