Holding Your Own Event

Thank you for your interest in Fundraising for us!

We'll be delighted to help you to maximise your returns and make the experience as rewarding and fun as possible for everyone involved. Our Fundraising team can give you lots of practical help as well as ideas and advice. Please call us on 01563 831428.

Do you know that you can set up your event online through JustGiving?

If you need invitations, tickets, flyers, posters, etc., we have a very experienced and talented designer who can make them look great! We can provide you with collecting cans, buckets, T-shirts, sponsor forms.... If there is anything else - just ask, we probably have it or can get it.

Our network of contacts might include people and organisations who could help further and we'd be happy to introduce you.

Obviously fundraising must be done safely and within the law. Although we have no legal responsibility or liability for the actions of individual fundraisers we can offer information about when you might need to inform the police or local authority, when you might need a license or permit or what you need to consider about insurance or health and safety. You'll certainly need information about Hansel and the projects and people who will benefit from your efforts. We can supply you with leaflets and brochures and help you draft a press release. We can also publicise your event through this website and social networking. Remember fundraising should be fun! Be ambitious but don't stress yourself too much. Do something you're passionate about and do it with people you like - what could be better? Even if you don't need our help, please let us know what you are doing for Hansel - if nothing else we'd like to say thank you! Why not start by contacting us and asking for our Fundraising Guidlines

Tough Mudders

If you were at Drumlanrig Castle and Country Estate (Dumfries) on the 14th of July you might have seen a daring group of runners in Hansel T-shirts. You might even have gone there because of the press release we helped them prepare. We also supplied them with sponsor forms, flyers, collecting cans and buckets – and they raised two and a half thousand pounds for us!

50 Years