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Our fundraising efforts are focussed on development – on new resources and new ways of doing things to improve the lives of the people we work for. This means that your contribution will have a lasting effect, not just providing support today but improving support choices in the future. It will benefit not only the people we work for now but, as we play our part in developing and sharing good practice, all those with support needs. Your contribution is not just a gift - it is an investment.

For example, Crail House on the Broadmeadows Estate here at Hansel, was built on a legacy from a family glad of the support their daughter had benefited from but concerned about her future as she grew older. Crail House now provides unique small group living for older people with learning disabilities, including those with dementia, so that their changing needs, including end of life care, can be met in their own home. The lessons learned in Crail are being shared across Scotland to improve the lives of many more elderly people living with learning disabilities and dementia than the twelve we can support directly.

50 Years