Caroline's Story


I started work for Hansel in January 2009 as a Support Worker with North Ayrshire Supported Living.  I work with people on 24/7 supports working 1:1 with them in their own homes and in their local community.  One of the best things about my job is seeing people develop – being part of their journey, maybe helping them gain skills to be more independent or just doing, enjoying, new things.  I like being out and about in the community – every day is different.

Although we are lone working I’ve never felt isolated – we have great teams and great communication systems.  Good hand-overs mean you are always up to date and there is management backup on the phone if you need it.  Team meetings keep everyone involved and let us work through any issues that need to be resolved.

I had worked in care for 17 years before coming to Hansel and I can honestly say that Hansel’s Induction Training was the best of all the places I’ve worked.  I did a week of intense training at Broadmeadows right after I joined as well as local induction, shadowing and on the job learning with North Ayrshire Supported Living.  It meant you could be confident about what you were doing right from the start.

I’ve had more training since then, of course.  If I’m going to be working with someone new with particular needs I’ll get training on how to support them specifically.  You can also ask for training through Support and Supervision. 

That’s what I did – I said I was looking for new challenges.  When I started I always worked with the same person – which was great because you got know them really well, but I wanted to get more experience and asked to do more shadowing and work with a number of different people.  After that I said I was interested in promotion and I’ve recently been given a split post – part time Support Worker and part time Co-ordinator.  This means I have some office-based tasks, more report writing and I over-see the supports provided to a number of clients.  I’m really pleased to have this opportunity to build my career. 

I enjoy working for Hansel.  It can be demanding, because you always want to do the best for the people we support, but it is rewarding to – seeing the difference you make and being appreciated for your efforts.

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