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Good luck...but not good bye

Last updated: 9.23am, Friday 19th August 2016 by

On the 10th of August 2016 Hansel celebrated with Blanche Nicolson as she retired from her working life with Hansel.

Hansel has been a big part of Blanche’s life – her parents founded Hansel, her sister was supported by Hansel and Blanche herself worked here, first as a volunteer on the Board then as an employee, for most of her adult life.

Blanche’s personal and professional knowledge of learning disabilities and her values and commitment to the people we support has helped drive and shape Hansel – and will continue to do so. For although she may not be here for routine workaday things she will be be around from time to time and will continue to guide and influence the organisation her family gifted to us.

We knew Blanche was not one for formal ceremony and didn’t like attention being focussed on her. So we didn’t go for seating arrangements and dinner jackets and carriage clocks. We had a party with live music and games a flash dance. (There were one or two speeches but they didn’t spoil the mood.)

And so we said a fond farewell, comforted by the knowledge that she will be back and make sure we’re honouring her family’s legacy (and to clear her office and mailbox!).

Good luck, Blanche, and Thank You!

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