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Jenny’s Diary shortlisted for a Herald Higher Education award!

Last updated: 4.50pm, Friday 3rd June 2016 by

Jenny’s Diary is a unique resource to support conversations about dementia with people who have a learning disability. The resource focuses on three areas: why Jenny is behaving differently and how she can be supported to live as well as possible with dementia; how to have a conversation with Jenny about her diagnosis of dementia, and guidance on talking about dementia with George, Jenny’s partner.

At Hansel we have some expertise in supporting people with learning disabilities and dementia and offer specialist small group living and a dementia friendly environment at our Broadmeadows site (the Baird Centre in particular was designed to support people as they age). So when Karen Watchman of the University of the West of Scotland was looking for actors and a setting for Jenny’s diary we were a natural choice! We are very proud of ‘Jenny’, ‘George’, ‘Anna’ and ‘Linda’.

Congratulations to everyone involved and fingers crossed for the 14th of July when the winners are announced.

Jenny’s diary is available free at

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