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Rabbit Rescue

Last updated: 3.11pm, Thursday 21st May 2015 by

Those of you who know Broadmeadows will be aware of the hard work our Grounds Maintenance team put in to keep the gardens beautiful. You might also have noticed the effects of rabbits in undoing this! Our garden squad are not generally big fans of rabbits!

However when Simon, one of our Supported Employees, was loading manure into a barrow (fortunately NOT with a garden fork) and uncovered a nest of young bunnies he didn’t hesitate in looking to their welfare. With help from his colleagues and advice from Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue the bunnies – including one already in the barrow - were kept safe and dry and a watch was kept for mother rabbit. Unfortunately she didn’t appear and with torrential rain forecast the decision was taken to transfer the babies to Hessilhead where they will be cared from till they can be released in a place of safety – definitely not back at Broadmeadows!

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