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Connect at Trade School Ayrshire

Last updated: 2.45pm, Monday 18th May 2015 by

We are delighted to be hosting Connect at Trade School Ayrshire in the Baird Centre, a series of sessions aimed at offering young people and their support networks an opportunity to explore the ways that the four options of Self-Directed Support can be used to design alternative support choices.

The Trade School network started in 2010 with a small group of friends in New York and has now spread to 80 countries across the world. Social Care Ideas Factory (SCIF) established ‘Trade School Glasgow’ in 2012. Trade School is an alternative, self-organised learning space that runs on barter. Trade School is for people who value hands-on knowledge, mutual respect, and the social nature of exchange – the involvement of all people based on common interest.

This venture uses the tried and tested Trade School model facilitated by SCIF, Hansel’s local knowledge and close partnership working with South Ayrshire Council as well as wider connections across South Ayrshire and beyond.

This first programme is by invitation only but if it is successful we aim to opened it to the wider community.

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