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Sunflower Competition

Last updated: 11.52am, Monday 27th October 2014 by

Now that it's clear that winter is just around the corner we thought we'd remind you of hazy days of summer and our sunflower competition.

More the 200 seeds were sown at the opening of Our Space at the Baird Centre on Hansel Day in April. All were carefully tended by our Horticultural Therapy customers but sadly some provided a feast for slugs at an early stage.

We still had a wonderful show over the summer more than a hundred plants reaching astonishing heights! It was a very close run competition and the winners were:

234cm: Arthur and Christine Greenlees
231cm: Lily McGeachie
229cm: Linda Armstrong

Biggest flower:
40cm: Molly Craig
39cm: Rosalyn Neil
38cm: Maureen Ferrier

All received prizes of winter plants and tubs.

Our thanks to everyone who took part and, even if you didn't win, be assured that you helped the new gardens look fabulous in their first year. This was appreciated by all at Broadmeadows including the bees and now the birds who are feasting on the seedheads!

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