Frances's storyFrances with her gold medal

Connect’s very own Frances Smiley found her calling when she started playing tennis whilst at school - she won a gold medal at the Special Olympics in Sheffield in August 2017!

Frances trains at the Prestwick Tennis Club, and she was part of the 270 strong squad representing Scotland in the games which brought together around 2,600 athletes from across the country.

Here is an interview she gave to Connect’s magazine group:


What was your first experience of Sheffield?

My first experience of Sheffield was good.


How many matches did you play until you won your gold medal?

I played 3 matches until I earned my gold medal.


Did your partner have the same enthusiasm as you?

My partner did have the same enthusiasm as I did.


How were the food and the village in Sheffield?

I loved the food and the village up in Sheffield. It was awesome!


Will you compete in the Olympics in the future?

I probably will compete in the Olympics sometime in the future.