Coronavirus COVID-19

Last updated: 9.30am, Friday 7th August 2020 by

Here at Hansel much has been done over recent weeks to prepare for the anticipated spread of COVID-19. As we provide care and support for many people who are vulnerable to this coronavirus, it is most important that we err on the side of caution in the measures we are taking while making our contribution towards containing the rate of spread.

We are of course monitoring and responding to latest guidance from government on managing this coronavirus outbreak, and we are utilising helpful resources available through Health Protection Scotland’s webpages, and at

We are taking precautions and implementing actions that are in the best interests of vulnerable and older people we support, and also mindful of our employer duty of care towards our loyal and committed teams of social care workers and those deployed in non-care roles.

As we are active in various types of support settings we anticipate remedial responses to deal with an inevitable reduction in workforce resources to vary quite considerably. Consequently contact will be made with families potentially affected by re-arrangement, cancellation or cessation of agreed support, as appropriate, following dialogue with the appropriate Health and Social Care Partnership managers. We cannot be more specific at this time at to what support will look like going forward, other than to say that we will at all times prioritise support for those with greatest need with the resources we have available.

Meantime, the measures we are taking include stopping, until further notice, non-essential activities, events, visits, training, and meetings involving groups of individuals. Our Lindy’s tearoom at Broadmeadows is now closed to the public, and similarly our laundry business will only undertake contract work with business customers.

We would wish to acknowledge and extend our sincere gratitude to the very many individuals and businesses who have offered to provide assistance over the coming months, in whatever voluntary capacity that might be. We are moved by the thoughtfulness and kindness shown, and although at this time we cannot identify the extent to which our resources might at times fall short of what is required, we will most certainly be keeping in mind the kind offers being received.

Please call us on 01563 830340 or contact should you require further information.