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Enterprising Minds

Enterprising Minds is an exciting project which supports people with learning disabilities and those on the autistic spectrum who want to start their own business, club or group or simply contribute to their community and develop connections within it.

Enterprising Minds generates new choices:  as people share their skills and experience they build more resourceful, integrated and resilient communities and inspire others to be even more enterprising!  People have greater control over their lives and less reliance on traditional support services; communities are stronger, and diversity is celebrated!

Enterprising Minds is a Hansel project.  We are working in partnership with North Ayrshire Council, with specialist input from Community Catalysts, and with the drive and vision of the project members!

Currently 15 people across North Ayrshire are being supported to explore their options or develop their enterprise.  Some are building businesses which will generate personal income; some are offering their skills at no cost, and some are still exploring their ideas and building connections with their communities.

Here are a few of their stories:

Ashley’s Bow Wow Biccies

Mark Bingham – Arts & Crafts Tutor

Skye Sapphire Photography

The Hive

Verena’s Baby Blankets


50 Years