Community Involvement -
Competion Winner

Jill Murdoch is the deserving winner of our Communicty Involvement Competion.  Jill said "I told my story because I wanted to take part in the Festival of Living.  When I was told I had won I was excited, delighted and very proud."  And here is Jill's inspiring story:

When I first started at Hansel two years ago, I always wanted to be inside doing my usual groups at Hansel Connect Day Services until last year, I wanted to go out to the shops like Irvine, Ayr, Glasgow for example.

On Tuesday 9th April 2019, I went to volunteer at Islay Dog Rescue Centre near Cumnock with my support worker. We went and had to sign a form each and I chose to walk and groom the dogs and we got our volunteer’s jackets. I will be doing this mostly every Tuesday afternoon from 1pm – 3.30pm instead of my usual Sensory Group. It is for me to lose some weight as I have a wedding in August. The ladies at the centre got me and my support worker to walk a dog. Her name is Rosie and I think she is a mixed breed. We took her down the road for 45 minutes. On the way back to the centre, naughty Rosie picked up some horse poop and she had it in her mouth. Before she swallowed the poop, my support worker told her to drop it and she did it. When we got back, we looked at the other dogs. I saw a male chocolate Labrador. His name is Bruno and he came from Wales.

So that was the story how I first volunteered at a dog rescue centre because it was nearly for shutting down. Dogs are my favourite animals and I love them!

So I say totals thanks to the ladies and Lorraine at Islay Dog Rescue Centre, West FM for mentioning it and my support workers for driving me there.


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