My Path to Bridging the Gap

LukeMy name is Luke James Gillon and this is my story of me at ‘Bridging the Gap’.  This is about is me gaining work experience on Admin.  I started off with Confidence building in drama class and that was huge!  I began building up my confidence and now I am working with Gillian/Compass on Wednesdays.

 We have been doing filing and tiding Gillian's office by clearing her Junk pile, answering the phone, sending emails, attending meetings about the Charter which were about some statements about our support and speaking up groups.  I found the meetings quite interesting to note as I get support from Connect.

But before this I did some admin stuff like finding out about Talking mats and Photosymbols on Hate Crime.

Talking Mats is just pictures that help people with communication problems and express their feelings on day to day routines.  We can use this as an app.

I have been here for like 6 weeks and I'm enjoying this plus making some progress. But my biggest achievement personally is that I managed to get the bus independently.

In the future I would like to do PowerPoint presentations, do creative writing and possibly drawing.

50 Years