Linda's Story

LindaIt was back in 2004 when Gillian and I went along to The Same As You conference in Perth. I was really nervous as I had never done anything like that before. We went for 4 days – we stayed in a posh hotel with a swimming pool.

I was really quiet at first, but as I got to know other people I began to speak up. Now I do not get so nervous and feel much more confident.

Back at Hansel we started the Focus Group. It’s the Compass Network now. Gillian and I took the letters of Focus and came up with other words which are important to ALL people.

  • F - Future
  • O - Opportunity
  • C - Choice
  • U - Understanding
  • S - Speaking for all

I don’t get support from Hansel anymore but I am a Supported Employee in the Laundry and I go to the National Involvement Network with ARC Scotland.

50 Years