Enterprising Minds Report May 2015

The story so far

One year from the launch of Enterprising Minds, we held a celebration event.  More than 70 people including participants, local authority representatives from health and social care, local businesses, other support agencies and charities gathered at the Gailes Hotel on the 26th of May.

We heard from Gerry Lindsay, Hansel’s Managing Director, Angela Catley, Community Catalysts’ Director of Communication and Development and John Godwin, North Ayrshire Council’s Service Development Officer, on why they got involved with the project.  All had seen the potential for individuals to take control and exploit their talents and passions and the impact this could have on them and their communities.  This shared vision made the leap of faith needed to get the pilot off the ground possible.

One year on and the potential has been more than realised and the impact is plain for all to see - this video, commissioned for the event, showcases just a few of the many stories which emerged over the year.

And here is the evaluation report to view or download.


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Dr Waiyin Hatton, President of the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce, was the guest speaker.  Well known as an inspirational speaker Dr Hatton was also clearly inspired by the initiative and by the individuals involved.  She noted parallels between the participants in Enterprising Minds and members of the Chamber and opportunities for the two groups to work together.  This was re-iterated by Helen McBride, the Chamber’s Development Manager, who added that local businesses already involved with the initiative, many of whom were at the event, had got a real buzz from lending their support.

Hansel is committed to supporting Enterprising Minds for a further year and to exploring ways of making the initiative sustainable in the longer term.  That won’t be easy in the current financial climate but as we saw at the celebration event:

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Currently 26 people across North Ayrshire are being supported to explore their dreams and develop their enterprise.  Some are building businesses which will generate personal income; some are offering their skills at no cost, and some are still exploring their ideas and building connections with their communities.

Here are a few of their stories:

Ashley’s Bow Wow Biccies

Mark Bingham – Arts & Crafts Tutor

Skye Sapphire Photography

The Hive

Verena’s Baby Blankets