Lifestyle Supports

Small Group Living We offer building-based supports for a variety of interest / activity groups at Broadmeadows as well as a diverse and flexible range of 1:1 (or 2:1, if required) and shared community-based supports. Shared supports offer small groups of individuals with similar needs and interests support to establish and maintain natural friendships. These supports have been used to follow football, take college courses and go to the pub and have been particularly helpful in maintaining friendships after leaving school.

Small Group Living (Residential Care)

Small Group Living A positive choice for some people, small group living offers structure and companionship while maintaining links and involvement with the wider community. For some this may be a stepping stone to greater independence or a winding down in later life. For others it may simply be the way they chose to live.

Specialist Residential Services

Specialist Residential SupportWe have developed, often in partnership with others, specialist residential services and support people with complex health needs and physical disabilities and older people, including those with dementia and those approaching the end of their life.

Housing Support Services

Housing SupportWorking to an agreed level of support to enable people to manage their own home and build networks in their community, Hansel’s housing support services build and maintain independence safely.

Care at Home

Care At HomeSometimes a person needs specific support in a flexible way to be active and more in control.  The primary objective of care at home is to set a pathway towards a greater level of independence.

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