Our Space at the Baird Centre

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 Our Space at the Baird Centre was officially opened on
Hansel Day, 25th April 2014.

Please note that, at present, if you want to use the Changing Places facility within the Baird Centre you must contact Tom Wilson, Service Support Manager, on 01563 830340 during office hours to arrange access.  We hope to be able make this facility more easily available in future.

Here is a video we made for the event showing some of the highlights of the journey.

And here, with thanks to Eileen and Jackson Frater, is one giving a flavour of the event itself.

"Our Space at the Baird Centre" Official Opening from Eileen Frater on Vimeo.

We also have a photo gallery on our News section.

Our Space at the Baird Centre is a fantastic new community resource at our Broadmeadows site. The Baird Centre was named in honour of the Baird family whose very generous legacy made this amazing facility possible.  It is purpose-built to meet the needs of a wide range of client groups including those with dementia and people with profound and complex needs.

The activities which will take place in the Baird Centre are known as Our Space and will, for the first time ever, offer specialist through the day support to people with learning disability related dementia. This builds on the knowledge and expertise we have developed at Crail House, a specialist residential service for this client group and will be of enormous benefit, not only to the people supported, but to families and carers across Ayrshire.

The accommodation includes a reception area, an office, locker and changing rooms, general purpose areas, a kitchen and an IT suite/recording studio. The building and the grounds surrounding it will be used for lots of different activities including horticultural therapy, arts & crafts, music, dance, learning... The list is growing with the enthusiasm of everyone involved – most importantly the people who use our services.

As well being functional the building is beautiful. Large windows, glass doors and a glazed roof fill the building with light and give a sense of space.  The building has been integrated with the outdoor space around it: the doors open onto further therapeutic areas including an area of resilient rubber which will allow exercise and dance to spill out of doors. There are also raised beds where people can grow flowers, fruit or vegetables and secluded corners to chill out in. This area leads into the walled garden where there will be further opportunities for horticultural therapy.  Glasgow based landscape designers, erz, have done a magnificant job translating our ideas into reality.

We have also been mindful of our environmental impact when designing the building and it incorporates several ‘green’ features. Rain water is collected for flushing toilets, lighting is automated with motion sensors and, most significantly, we have installed ground source heating. Grant support from Community Energy Scotland helped with the capital costs and, as well as the environmental benefits, the low running costs mean we will be able to have the building in use from morning till night, 7 days a week.

We envisage Our Space being more than just another service – it will be a community hub, a place where people can meet, learn, participate, volunteer... enrich their lives. The emphasis will be on building relationships, connections and networks, on bringing people together to support each other to build sustainable futures. We particularly want to encourage volunteering and will have a variety of opportunities available.

Around £1.5 million was raised for the Baird Centre and we would like to thank every individual, company and Trust who contributed to this. Starting with the very generous legacy from the Baird family (one of whom uses our services) the support we have received has been overwhelming.  We are very excited by Our Space at the Baird Centre and the opportunities it presents and we would like to share it with you. If you would like to visit, view the building and share your ideas about its potential please contact us - we would be happy to welcome you.

Our Space