In order to promote the commitment to Hansel’s wide ranging mission to ‘help make the most of life’, the organisation retains the two separate corporate identities of Hansel Foundation and Hansel Alliance.

As the parent charitable company, Hansel Foundation has responsibility for the overall strategy and direction of the group. A Board of six Non-Executive Directors and one Executive Director meet six times a year to review the organisation’s progress against its agreed aims and objectives. The Board of Directors’ remit extends to overseeing the targets set for, and implementation of, Hansel’s fundraising programme, to ensure the organisation has the necessary finances in place to meet the cost of short-term service and project developments, as well as medium to long-term financial commitments.

Hansel Alliance has its principal focus on the core delivery of supports for individuals. As such, Alliance employs over 400 staff, and provides finance, IT and HR functions in support of the services provided. Its governing Board comprises five Non-Executive Directors and one Executive Director, all of whom also sit on the Foundation Board. The Alliance Board of Directors also meet six times a year to review operational performance and agree/monitor strategic direction for Alliance activities. The Hansel Alliance Board is ultimately accountable to Hansel Foundation, which in turn is financial guarantor for Alliance activities.

50 Years