How We Work

At Hansel we work with people, for people.  People, communities and relationships are at the heart of everything we do and achieve together.  We recognise the value of natural friendships, community connections and support networks.  We enable and empower people to lead the life they chose, be recognised as equal citizens and participate fully in their community.

We work in partnership with over 600 customers and with other people and agencies, from social work and health, to families and advocates.  We each have our own strengths and expertise and working together ensures the best possible outcome for the person at the centre.

Person centeredness is embedded in the way we work, informing and shaping what we do from the Board room to front-line supports.  We value the people we work for, respecting their abilities, strengths and aspirations, and seek to include and involve them in planning their own services and in shaping the organisation now and for the future.  We appreciate the importance to people of moving forward in their lives and support transitions throughout their lives by changing and adapting with them.

It often seems that change is the only constant and Hansel has changed significantly over the years. The biggest change, until now, was the transition from ‘Hansel Village’ to the Hansel Group of Charities in 1998, after most of our residents had been supported to move into their own homes in the wider community.  We embrace such changes, which bring benefits and opportunities to people, and strive to ensure the transition is as smooth and positive as possible.

We now stand on the brink of another change which promises to be just as transforming and just as positive as the closure of the Village.  The emerging personalisation agenda fits well with the way Hansel works.  Because of our long standing commitment to the principles of person-centeredness we have developed a range of flexible, integrated and pro-active services allowing people to access the mix of supports which suits them best, according to their needs, interests and time of life.

There will be challenges, especially in the current difficult economic climate, in finding ways to make co-production a reality, but these are challenges we are determined to meet.  

We listen closely to people; we hear and act on their wants, aspirations and dreams. We recognise, however, that, in times of change and challenge, quiet voices can, too easily, be overlooked.  We are committed to empowering our clients: developing their skills, aspirations and expectations to enable them to engage fully with us and with other agencies on their own behalf and on behalf of their peers.  

Hansel has always been an ambitious organisation.  Not for the organisation itself (though we are rightly proud of our standing and reputation) but for the people and communities we work for.  We want the best for the people we support.  We believe that the way we work – through personalisation and partnership, with respect and consideration, by making the journey with each individual, on their path and at their speed – ensures the best quality services now and in the future.